Let's write your book: 3 reasons to choose Book Editors Group

Would you like to write a book? We write your book to make your dream of becoming an author and publishing the story of your life come true!


«In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me advice that I have never stopped considering».

«It was a cool, clear April day and the clocks said one».

«It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a bachelor in possession of a large fortune must be in need of a wife».

«All the children grow up, except one. They know right away that they are growing up, and Wendy knew it that way».

«Alice was beginning to feel very tired of sitting on the knoll next to her sister, doing nothing».


They are some of the most famous incipits of literature, some of these have become a warning for many, others simple memories of a past spent at school. For some, however, these words represented a turning point: choosing to become successful writers and authors themselves.

Publishing has changed considerably compared to the past: before, you wrote a book, you tried to send it to some publishing house, you waited months and months waiting for a response which, more often than not, would never arrive. And so those pages remained relegated to a drawer, the books continued to accumulate, the stories filled the mind. Finally came the worst moment for every writer: realizing that his story would never see the light and therefore closing that drawer and all the desires it contained.

Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case! Publishing, making use of digital technology, has been able to provide anyone with the opportunity to emerge. Newbie writers, authors who silently entered the publishing scene, little dreamers who have finally managed to see their work published. And yes, someone was "lucky" to see their book published by a big publishing company, but did you know that most of them first published their pages on their own? And when traditional publishing isn't enough, we write your book.

If you too have a book in your drawer and you finally want it to be published, find out why you should choose Book Editors Group to make your dream come true.


1. We write your book: who we are


Book Editors Group has a very specific mission: to ensure that anyone can write and publish their own book. Whether you are a professional, a famous person or not, you will have the opportunity to write your book and see it published on the largest platform in the world, Amazon. Through constant and immediate assistance, we write and publish your book in paper and e-book formats. We will conduct a personalized interview where we will work together to define the structure, index and order of the book's contents. We will then carefully delve into each chapter and selected topic in detail. You will receive each chapter to meet your expectations and to allow for any changes.

We will proceed to the next chapter only after the previous one has been approved by you. We will carefully layout each page of the book, from the index to the various contents, taking care of the details to give the document an elegant and professional appearance. A professional graphic designer will take care of the design of your book cover, working according to your indications and/or, if necessary, offering suggestions and creative proposals. Together we will evaluate the aesthetic details of the book, such as the choice of paper and the printing quality and subsequently publish your book on the Amazon portal, making it available for purchase in both ebook and paper format.


2. Let's write your book: why you should choose Book Editors Group


When we talk about writing and publishing a book we are not just talking about this. Thanks to writing and publishing you will be able to convey a message. Telling your experiences can be a source of help and support for anyone who has experienced a situation similar to yours. Without forgetting that talking about yourself in the pages of a book is pure therapy for your heart and mind. Emotions are guaranteed. If you are a professional, a book can strengthen your Personal Branding and make you known to everyone as a specialist in the sector.


3. Let's write your book


A biography, a story, a novel, a collection of poems, a training book or a guide: we have no limits to literary genres. Thanks to our method you will be able to show your book to more than 200 million people and sell it in the largest online stores in the world. But you will not only have the opportunity to become the author, if you choose the Best Seller method you will also be able to climb the rankings and see your book in the top positions on the largest bookstore in the world, Amazon.


Writing a book is a real personal satisfaction that you can carry in your heart forever and will become part of your personal baggage.


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