Writing a biography: 3 ideas for your first book

Would you like to write a biography? Have you always dreamed of telling your life in a book? Let's find out together how to do it in the best way!


Writing a biography is a challenging but at the same time exciting process, which requires in-depth research and careful study of all the details because write a biography balanced requires the study of primary and secondary sources and the finding of material that can document the experiences of the person in question.

The first steps to take are to outline the various steps that the story will follow, create a schedule to follow and keep in mind, deepen the research on the character, study, raise funds and then begin the actual work of writing, but let's see more specifically in this article all the details, we will understand not only how to write a biography but above all the importance that gender has in corporate and entrepreneurial life and how it can consecrate the right success of a brand.


1. Writing a biography: collecting sources


This process involves thorough research into sources, so as to present the facts as accurately as possible. If the person whose biography we are writing is alive, his stories will constitute the first approach to history and will allow us to establish a trajectory that is not necessarily chronological; there are several ways, and you just need to read the biographies to see the variety, although in fact the most common way is from birth to current events.

Secondary sources, but equally important, are other voices that tell the story of the protagonist. These are the testimonies that offer a complete picture of the story, revealing different aspects: these contents are indispensable. Secondary sources include all documents useful for deepening the biographical narrative: letters, postcards, diaries, certificates, emails, videos and audio recordings.


2. Writing a biography: the style to follow and the writer


The choice of style, the way of writing and structuring a text is fundamental. There are many elements that together form the identity of a style: the language chosen, the rhythm of the narrative, the presence or absence of dialogues, the choice of metaphors, similes, the use of punctuation and the target readers. The choice will also depend on the story told: you can lean towards a more humorous or sarcastic style or a more serious, reflective, intimate or motivational style.

The task can be entrusted to an external voice or to someone who has known the person being told about; biographies are often narrated by journalists or ghostwriter. Even better if a professional of the genre: a writer who deals exclusively with biographies and has a 360° knowledge of the genre.


3. Write a biography of an entrepreneur or company


Many biographies of entrepreneurs often begin with the birth of the company itself. These stories take on a motivational character and serve to inspire readers.

The story of a man or woman entrepreneur is also the story of the company he founded.

Here the collection of sources is fundamental, because each company keeps an archive of its various evolutions and transformations. In an entrepreneurial and corporate biography, it is important to deal with the entrepreneur; if he is no longer alive, his story will be told by his heirs. Often a biography is commissioned to celebrate an anniversary. But not only that: today these biographies are a real tool marketing that more and more companies are requesting. Telling the story reaches people and makes them participants in a journey that has had many successes, but also many difficulties.


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