Creating a book: 4 ideas for writing your first book

Have you always dreamed of creating a book? Does this seem like an impossible challenge to you? In this article we will shed light on your doubts to help you write your first book!


Creating a book is the dream of many emerging writers: it doesn't matter who you are, the important thing is to have a winning idea and perhaps rely on the right people who can help you throughout the entire phase of creation, planning, publication and sale of your book. book. In this article we will try to eliminate all doubts and answer the questions that an emerging writer asks himself every day: where do I start? What should I do? How can I write and publish my book?


1. Create a book: plan your idea


Start from your idea: a book can be many things but what do you want to write? A novel? A biography? A thriller? A recipe book? A book for children? You probably already have a vague idea of the genre your future book will belong to. But let's start from a simple concept: books can be divided into two large genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Once you find your genre you may find help from other writers: I suggest you read, read and read lots of books similar to the one you have in mind. Start from the great classics and move on to contemporary authors until you can also read debut writers just like you. If you like a technique used by an author, the stylistic register he adopts, the way he creates characters, take note and use those techniques to create your book. Then you will have to establish which readership your book will be addressed to: children, adults, students, entrepreneurs, athletes for example.


2. Creating a book: the writing phase


As I anticipated, you can't write if you don't have a clear idea to start from. A book without ideas will be a defeat right from the start. Then try to outline a plot using a schedule to focus on the fundamental details, start outlining the important topics or main characters, try to draw up an index and finally start writing a draft of your book. And the title? You may already have it in mind or only be able to find it at the end of writing: it doesn't matter. Remember, however, that the title must be captivating, clear, simple to read and at the same time capable of arousing the reader's curiosity.


3. Creating a book: the structural elements of your work


At this point you will need to be ready to create a physical or digital copy of your book. Whether you choose to create an ebook or a paperback format, you won't be able to help but create some critically important details. And if you are not able to carry out this task alone, ask for the help of graphic designers, copywriters and professionals from the publishing world who can create a book suited to your ideas and which fully reflects your story. So to create a book you will need:


  • Create a cover;
  • Choose the book format;
  • Choose the font, the font and its size;
  • Write the synopsis and back cover;
  • Establish the price.


4. Create a book: Now you're ready to make yourself known


Once the book is in print or published you can breathe a sigh of relief: the 50% of the work is done, now the other half of the work awaits you. The time will begin for you to sponsor, advertise and make yourself known to the general public of readers. Organize events in bookstores and libraries to promote your book, present your work in literary circles, participate in competitions and festivals. Never forget the power of social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the habitat of many readers who, every day, exchange ideas and review new editorial releases. Use TikTok if your audience is much younger.


Be aware that creating a book takes a lot of effort: almost all projects started can often never see the light of publication. The important thing is not to lose the desire to reach your goal and see your dream come true.


Now do you feel ready to create a book? If you still have doubts CONTACT US!

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