Tips for writing a book: 5 tips for your best seller

Lots of advice for writing a book but what is the truth? Every writer needs particular tips but some could be useful for everyone.


Writing a successful book is not a privilege reserved for writers, but a necessity for anyone who wants to make themselves known and gain authority in their target market. Today, publishing is easy: you don't need to have a publisher. But how to write a book if you are not a writer? There are many websites with different writing tips, ideas on how to write a book, but most of them cater to people who are looking for creative writing advice.

But how to start writing a book? Maybe a novel, a biography, a training book. Here are some tips for writing a book that will make you understand how and when to start doing it and above all when to understand that you need the support of professionals in the sector.


1. Tips for writing a book: have an idea


The first tip for write a book it may be obvious to many, but this is not always the case. A book, whatever it is, always starts from an idea. Do you want to write a novel or a fiction text? You will have to think about what you want to tell. You want write a biography? You will talk about your personal experiences, your life, what led you to success. Do you want to write a fantasy book? And then let's go with the imagination.

So you need to get a general idea of the story you want to tell, answering the questions when, who and what.

And again: do you want to write a book to promote your brand? Your business? Your profession and your services and make yourself even more visible in the market? Then think of an idea that can serve your purpose. Find a topic you know, a subject you know how to deal with, something that can help the people who read you solve their problems and that allows you to make yourself known.


2. Tips for writing a book: Write the book you would like to read


Many people forget this basic rule when writing their books: If you don't enjoy the process of writing your book, why should anyone else?


3. How to write a book with your audience in mind


Your idea may be the best in the world, but if your audience doesn't like it, writing a book will be useless. Learning to write a book means above all knowing your readers, your target audience: online groups, forums, social networks, mailing lists. There are many ways to find the most suitable audience and start building their loyalty. And if they know and like you, they will be happy to read your book.


4. Choose the message, style and language


A successful book is an original book that expresses the true nature of the writer. And how can you make readers read your soul with words? Through style and language. So you will have to make sure that your words and your style become your business card: a reader will be able to recognize that it is you behind a few sentences thanks to the tone you use, even before reading your name on the cover.

Your style and language must have two characteristics in addition to expressiveness: being related to the topic and being coherent: if you start a book with a formal style, you cannot suddenly switch to a playful and light style.

This is most true when writing a novel, but it is a universal rule for any type of book you want to write. But it is a very complex process that requires years of experience and years of writing.


5. Tips for writing a book: Start writing now


Grab a pen and paper, turn on your computer and get started. If you are taking steps into the publishing world for the first time, try following these simple tips to start writing your book and don't stop at the first obstacle:


  • dedicate a moment of the day to writing that is relaxing for you and free from thoughts and commitments;
  • when you write, eliminate any distractions;
  • try planning your editorial schedule: a chapter a week, a paragraph a day, a book in 2 months.


Do you think you can do it?

But now here's the advice for writing the most precious book of all: it won't be easy. Don't think about sitting down in front of your PC and being able to write the next editorial success in a matter of weeks. You may find yourself faced with many obstacles, blank pages that will not be able to get dirty with ink, days when you don't even want to hear about your project. And if after many attempts your desire to write a book is still so strong, here is the solution for you: ask for help from professionals.

We can write your book together, listen to your ideas, help you plan your story, ask professional ghostwriters to support you in writing, take care of the editing and finally publish your book on the largest platform in the world, Amazon. You will participate in creation but without worries. That's valuable advice, isn't it? So what are you waiting for.


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