Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win Best Seller in just 24 hours

Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win Best Seller in just 24 hours

Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win


Wendi Grandinetti: Born to Win is a true, sincere book that comes from the depths of the heart of a man who decided to put on paper the feelings present in his heart to give emotions to a reader who will not be able to help but identify with the protagonist .
Because Wendi is a boy like many others, born from simplicity who managed to reach the top with his own strength, because Wendi was truly born to win.


''When Wendi Grandinetti contacted us, she already had her idea in mind: putting her life story down on paper. And we at Book Editors Group we literally fell in love with his words. The project was clear, the story was exciting, working with him was a real pleasure for us.

Today, seeing that Wendi Grandinetti: Born to Win has become a Best Seller in less than 24 hours, climbing to the top of the Amazon rankings, is a source of pride. In just a few hours after the publication of his book, the manuscript reached the second position among the books suggested by Amazon as the most interesting novelties, it was surprising! But deep down we already knew it: the story of Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win could only be a success. Why? Because it is true, touching, exciting, ready to caress the reader's heart and convey every possible emotion''.


The team tells Book Editor Group, project editor.


A life spent chasing a dream, a life spent between sacrifices and renunciations, a life that had a single objective: WINNING. How many of us struggle every day with the prejudices of our own desires? We waste time chasing impossible dreams when we just have to learn to accept life as it comes and make the best of it to make it become a true masterpiece.


Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win is the story of a humble boy born in the province of Turin who has always had a secret dream: to become a barber like his beloved father. In fact, it will be in her father's shop that Wendi will cultivate her passion, giving up her childhood to learn the trade. But life, as we know, is like a roller coaster: you can get to the top and be taken back down in a few seconds. Living, suffering, getting up and seizing the opportunities that life presents will in fact be the key words of this exciting autobiographical novel.


But let's take a step back: who is Wendi Grandinetti?


Some will not be strangers to this name, how could they not know it deep down?
Wendi Grandinetti is the barber to the stars: show business personalities, actors, singers, producers and footballers are all her loyal customers. Wendi travels around Italy and Europe to teach his techniques, those that have now made him a legend throughout the sector as well as one of the most sought-after testimonials of prestigious brands in the world of barbering. A professional who has been able to make his work his greatest passion, cultivated since he was a child.


A man who believes in the power of passion, love, family and loving yourself. The story of Wendi Grandinetti: Born to win is really very exciting: not the classic cliché of someone who became famous from nothing. But that of all of us, of anyone who fights every day not to sink, the story of those who really succeeded. The story of a modern Charlie Brown who never stops trying to fly his kite just as Wendi Grandinetti never stopped making her dreams fly. Because happiness is not so unattainable. All you need to do is commit, truly want it and surround yourself with those who love us for who we are.


Wendi Grandinetti: Born to Win is the Best Seller you've been waiting to read! What are you waiting for? It begins now!


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