9 Spring Writing Literary Competition. Publish your book!

Do you like writing? Do you have a story, a novel or a manual and would like it to be published? Participate in the 9 Spring of Writing literary competition!


Book Editors Group organizes the first edition of the 9 Spring of Writing literary competition. The competition is open to everyone: established writers or simple enthusiasts who want to see their text published, without limits on age, gender or profession. You can send a text that deals with any topic: biographical and autobiographical novels, manuscripts and non-fiction manuals are allowed, there is no age limit to participate and all you need is your passion for writing and your desire to stand out! What are you waiting for?

Book Editors Group organizes the 9 Spring of Writing literary competition to promote authors and make the dream of a lucky winner come true!


But let's see some details of this competition:

  • The competition is totally free;
  • The work must be written in Italian;
  • The manuscript must not be tied to contracts with publishing houses and must not be already published on Amazon or other online stores.

To participate in the literary competition 9 Spring of Writing and have the opportunity to see your book published, just go to the Book Editors Group website and fill out the appropriate form Form in the section “literal competitions/9 Springtimes of Writing, reveal the writer within you”. In the Form you will have to enter your personal data (so as to be contacted in case of victory) and a synopsis and/or plot of your work in doc., docx format. odt or pdf.

All the works participating in the competition will be evaluated by the Book Editors Group team of professionals: the jury will choose the work based on linguistic aesthetics, therefore the style and correctness of the text, originality and specific skills.


Are you curious to know more details about the prize? Wait a few more minutes…


All those who participate in the competition will receive communication via email on the outcome within 15/30 days from the expiry date of the announcement.
The name of the winner of the literary competition will be published on the site www.bookeditorsgroup.com and on its related social platforms Instagram And Facebook by Book Editors Group.


And here's the most important part: the prize for the winner.


The winner of the 9 Primavere di Scrittura literary competition will have the opportunity to publish their work and take advantage of all the pre-publication services offered by the Book Editors Group completely free of charge. If you are the lucky winner, you will be able to have:

  • The analysis of the requirements for publication,
  • The creation of the cover, which will be designed and created by a professional graphic designer in collaboration with a copywriter for an optimal result both from a graphic point of view and from a sales point of view. The cover will be created for the paper version and for the digital version;
  • Formatting and layout: a Book Editors Group expert will take care of some of the most important aspects that will make your book professional, pleasant and functional for publication and printing;
  • Publication in 30 days;
  • The distribution and sale of your book, in Ebook and paper format, throughout the country thanks to the Amazon platform.


And it doesn't end there: once your book is published, Book Editors Group will not take any commission on sales and you will have no constraints linked to publication with other publishing houses or online stores: the royalties will all be yours! This is because Book Editors Group strongly believes in the protection of copyright: you will not be asked for any contribution and you will not even have to purchase a pre-established mandatory number of copies!


The deadline to send and participate in the literary competition and fill out the form is May 22, 2022.


What are you waiting for, participates in the 9 Spring of Writing literary competition and win the chance to see his book published!

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