Make your dream of publishing your book come true!

Do you dream of publishing your Book?


Have you written a book and always dreamed of publishing it?

Book Editors Group will make your dream come true in every detail and PUBLISH your book!

We make your book cover

We all know how important it is before publishing your book, to create a cover that immediately catches the reader's attention and makes your book really special! For this reason, our team of professional graphic designers will create the cover (front and back) of your book the way you have always imagined it or offer ideas and suggestions to make it unique and creative!

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We take care of your book's layout

The layout of a text is often a detail that many authors miss, but how important it is that a book be professionally laid out and above all enjoyable to read?

One of our experienced professionals will format your book by making the table of contents and taking care of every aspect necessary to make the layout of your book professional and flawless.


We can correct your Draft!

Do you already have a draft of your book, but would just like to proofread it, correct errors, and layout it properly so that you can publish it at a later stage?

Book Editors Group provides comprehensive CORRECTION services to refine your manuscript to perfection!

We can add new parts of text

You've written your Book, but would like to expand on some parts of the text, or do you need to write that ending that you've never given proper time to?

One of our professionals will redact for you the parts of the text you wish to expand before publishing your book!

Making a dream come true is priceless,, but how much does it cost to make it a reality?

pubblicare il tuo libro

We'll help you publish Your Book!

pubblicare il tuo libro

We'll improve Your Book and publish it!

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Choose to Have Your Own Web Showcase

Thanks to Book Editors Group you can create your own virtual business card and introduce yourself to the world through 

YOUR OWN WEB PAGE! Gain credibility in the eyes of customers and easily develop reliability and fame by telling everyone who you are! By choosing this service you will get: a professional brochure website, a custom domain included in the price for a full year and the ability to update the site independently!

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Not just a book, but a best-seller


Thanks to the Book Editors Group method you will be able to show your book to more than 200 million people and sell it in the world's largest online stores. But you will not only have the chance to become the author, if you choose the Best Seller method you will also be able to climb the charts and see your book in the top positions on the world's largest bookstore-Amazon! Publish a true BEST SELLER!

Free Consultation!


One of our consultants will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, to best support you before the publication of YOUR book! Choose the day and time of your choice!

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Book Editors Group is the perfect union between the quality of a publishing house and the freedom of Self Publishing to realize the dream of Publishing Your Book!

If your dream has always been to Publish your own Book and sell it in major online stores, then you are in the right place! Our team will give you from the very beginning the support you need and will be able to advise you in any choice and decision to make your dream come true.



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