9 Spring Writing Competition, reveal the writer within you!

Literary competition 9 springs of writing, reveal the writer within you!


Do you like writing? Do you have a story, a novel or a manual and would like it to be published? Participate in the 9 springs of writing literary competition! Read the regulations carefully and send the plot of your work by July 22nd by filling out the appropriate form.



Book Editors Group organizes the first edition of literary competition 9 springs of writing.

The 9 springs of writing literary competition has the sole purpose of promoting and enhancing all emerging writers and biographical and autobiographical novels, manuscripts and non-fiction manuals are admitted for any topic.


Art. 1. How to participate

Competitors of any nationality and without age limit can participate in the 9 springs of writing literary competition (minors must be authorized by a parent or guardian) by sending a work of fiction on any topic, preferably not already published. or in any case not tied to contracts with other publishing houses. The work must be in Italian.

Art. 2. Registration

To register for the 9 springs of writing literary competition it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form available on the Book Editors Group website in the section “literal competitions/9 Springtimes of Writing, reveal the writer within you”. Participation is free.

Art. 3. Characteristics of the material and sending

When filling out the form to register for the 9 springs of writing literary competition, personal data and a synopsis/plot of the text will be requested. The synopsis/plot must be submitted in doc, docx, odt or pdf format.

Deadline for sending material: 22 July 2022.

Art. 4. Evaluation of the works and Commission

The works will be evaluated and analyzed by a commission made up of industry professionals belonging to the Book Editors Group team.

All the works nominated for the 9 springs of writing literary competition will be evaluated by members following three different types of evaluation criteria: linguistic aesthetics (style and correctness of the text), originality and specific skills.

Also participating in the Commission, in the final phase and without the right to vote, are the president of Book Editors Group and a secretary taking the minutes.

The judgment of the Commission will be unquestionable and unappealable.

Art. 5. Finalist

To all participants in the literary competition 9 springs of writing communication of the outcome will be given via e-mail within a period of time ranging from 15 to 30 days from the expiry date of the announcement.

The winner's name will be published on the site www.bookeditorsgroup.com and on its related social platforms Instagram And Facebook by BookEditorGroup.

Art. 6. Prize

The winner of the literary competition 9 springs of writing, you will have the opportunity to publish your work and take advantage of all the following pre-publication services completely free of charge.

  • Analysis of publication requirements (texts and images)
  • Cover design (Front, Spine and Back): creation of the book cover, which will be designed and created by a professional graphic designer in collaboration with a copywriter for an optimal result both from a graphic point of view and from a intended for sale. The product will be created for the paper version and for the digital version (E-book).
  • Choice of format for printing
  • Formatting and Layout: an expert will take care of formatting and layout of the text and images in order to guarantee a professional result suitable for pleasant and functional reading.
  • Publishing in 30 days
  • Distribution and sale in both ebook and paper formats, throughout the country thanks to the Amazon platform.

Art. 7. Participation

Former jurors, presidents, collaborators and their first-degree relatives are not permitted to participate in the 9 springs of writing literary competition.

Art. 8. Publication

Once the book is published, we will not take commissions, charges or commissions on sales And there will be no constraints of any kind related to publication with as many publishing houses, because we strongly believe in the copyright protection of the participants

The author will not be asked for any contribution, nor to purchase a certain number of copies.

Art. 9. Protection of privacy

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the previous law 875/1996, participants consent to the processing and dissemination of personal data by the organization for the fulfillment of the obligations relating to the competition.

Art. 10. Acceptance of the regulation

Participation in the literary competition 9 springs of writing involves full and unconditional acceptance of all the rules herein Regulation, so failure to comply with even just one of them will result in automatic exclusion from the competition

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